Overland Freight

We offer full overland service worldwide, backed by dedicated and highly trained personnel who are committed to following the progress of your shipment from door to door Whether your cargo requires.

Transport from port to door, from airport to warehouse, or to/from any other points in your country of origin or destination. Seagate Express has the solutions. We have extensive experience in moving all type of overland cargo, using our own trucks or an approved partner that will meet all of your deadlines and just in time delivery

We recognize trucking as a vital part of any supply chain and operate our own services to deliver a service that is truly end-to-end.

  • We work with long-term partners to offer comprehensive container, trailer, and groupage services in all major countries.
  • Our container haulage services support customers with flexible delivery initiatives such as drop and swop.
  • We offer industry-specific services for mining.

Tracking & Tracing

Raillway Freight

Production Supply